House Bill 1562 significantly narrows firearm eligibility

This is Important for any DUI client!
I just wanted to remind you all again that as of July 23, 2023, if a driver gets a DUI and it is a second DUI within 7 years, he or she will lose their right to own or possess firearms and ammunition.

This new law (SHB 1562) went into effect July 23, 2023. This applies even if the prior DUI was reduced to reckless driving, reckless endangerment, or negligent driving 1st degree OR the “new” DUI gets reduced in the same way (reckless driving, reckless endangerment, or a negligent driving 1st degree).

Needless to say, this matters to you if you currently own guns/ammunition and have a prior DUI conviction or reduction. Obviously, you can NOT risk getting a new DUI for at least seven years since your last DUI.

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Read SHB 1562


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SB 5002 - 2023-24
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